What to consider when choosing a cloud backup service provider

Each organization requires a unique method for storing and backing up data. Cloud storage is one option that many organizations choose to implement, it provides an offsite storage location without having to buy additional hardware. Many companies have been affected by current situations around the globe such as fire and flooding. Businesses and homes in those areas are more than likely to be destroyed. Many companies decide to utilize a cloud service due to the additional costs of maintaining an additional offsite location, hardware, and maintenance. With the right backup method, individuals and organizations can get their data back and resume operations. Using the right cloud backup service is the best way to keep data secure and accessible. For both personal and business users, the cloud offers great scalability and the ability to access files anywhere with a good internet connection.

With thousands of cloud backup service providers out there, it can seem overwhelming to choose the right service provider. Over 70% of businesses choose to implement cloud backup solutions and understand that backing up crucial data is the most convenient, cost-effective, and safest way of storing important data.

There are plenty of available methods to back up your data to the cloud. You could choose a more manual method or choose automated backups. Do you choose scheduled, real-time backups, where files are backed up anytime a change is made, or both? Remember, cloud backup and cloud storage are two different operations. Cloud backups are responsible for storing copies of your original documents that already exist on your devices, but they are stored in a secure location, separate from your day-to-day activities.

Things to consider when picking the right cloud backup services

Administration support

  • The cloud backup service provider should be able to give you at least a basic level of service that meets your organization’s needs.
  • Providers should also present you with timely performance reports.
  • Sufficient controls should be there for service providers to monitor services to their customers and any alterations made to their systems.
  • Billing and accounting should be automated so that you can have an idea of the resources you are utilizing with their associated cost, and they should also provide support for any billing-related issues.

Storage Capacity and Location

  • Choose a cloud backup service provider that gives you control over how and where your files are backed up.
  • Choose a provider with sufficient resources and capacity that will meet your needs.
  • A provider that has its own dedicated servers is the best way to ensure your information is not being stored elsewhere.
  • Not all cloud service providers can save files like videos or other media, so ensure your provider can back up everything you need.

Rapid Data Restoration

  • The ability to restore your data quickly is crucial and rapid data restoration is a big deal when picking the right cloud backup service provider.
  • Ask your provider how frequently the files are backed up, when it comes to restoring from backups the more frequent the better.

Security Practices

  • Cloud service providers should have a comprehensive security infrastructure for all levels and types of cloud services.
  • There should be extensive security policies and procedures to monitor and control access to the provider and customers systems.
  • Any changes should be authorized, and verification should be in place for anyone to make changes to services or files.

Cloud backup services are beneficial for securing your data from cybersecurity threats. It also enables better cooperation between team members working with shared resources. How and which service provider you choose all comes down to your needs.

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