Top Web Development trends for 2020

Web development trends are always evolving. From creating software to marketing products and services, technology plays a crucial role in forming authentic user experiences. Building services and products that detach abrasion is something that companies tend to bank on. Even so, we all know that the web world is littered with far and near misses. With over 1.8 billion active web applications and over 200 million live websites, the only way to rise above the crowd is through creativity.

To be creative, you must stay on top of the latest trends and technologies of web development with professional web development services in Montana and other parts of the world,

A few of the trends that bloomed in 2019 have made their way to 2020. Let us take a look at some of the web development trends to look out for this year.

Voice search

We have entered the voice search era, thanks to our latest smartphones equipped with the digital voice assistant like Alexa and Siri. Voice search is the use of spoken language used by search engines. Also, we now have smart speakers like Apple Homepod and Google speakers. You can see these voice searches have begun to steadily replace text-based search.

Web developers are now including voice search methods as it gains popularity among users. The main reasons behind the shift towards voice-based search are its ease of use and affordability. It is said that by 2021, more than 123 million US citizens will use voice assistants.

If your organization is still not onto the voice search method, it is time you upgrade by hiring the best web development services Montana to do that for you.

Content Personalization

Today websites have more content to lure customers to click on their services, however, we are not there yet where we can communicate with the users in their language. This means websites must have more content personalization. This can be achieved by artificial intelligence including machine learning. Today, these technologies have made a huge impact on the internet without users even realizing it. Netflix is one of the best examples in such cases. Netflix uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand and meet the user’s needs. It recognizes each of its users and hence provides content and search results based on user’s likes and intentions. That is why you see why a particular series or a movie with a 95-97% match as per your taste.


Chatbots are here to stay. The traditional text-based search has been gaining popularity in conversational commerce- when items or services are sold via messaging services or voice assistants. Web development services in Montana and other parts of the US are already exploring the future of chatbots to increase their online sales. Also, the main reason behinds its strong foothold in the online world is its availability 24x7. After all, who does not like instant support? They are available round the clock and depending on how advanced they are, they can point certain products and services to people, address queries, or even lead them to purchase products.

Hence, web developers and websites can no longer afford to ignore the influence of chatbots.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is used for enhancing the mobile browsing experience. AMP is an open-source library for creating web pages. AMP improve the mobile user experience by offering quick page loads. Google is a fine example of a company that takes AMP seriously. This technology was launched by Google in 2015 to encourage building websites that load faster and work smoothly across different mobile devices. The best part of the AMP is that pages with AMP can load for about 2 seconds vs. up to 22 seconds for pages without AMP.

By keeping updated with these trends, you can gain an edge on your competition in the coming years.

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