Reasons to Consider React Native for Mobile App Development

React Native is a JavaScript-based open framework that allows developers to develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android. It gives developers the freedom to reuse code across each operating system. Typically, you would need to program your mobile application using Swift or Obj-C for iOS and then Java for Android. React Native comes to the rescue, removing that requirement and saving time by using one coding language.

Social Media giant, Facebook, introduced React Native and ReactJS in 2015. Some of the biggest names in the tech industry, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Uber, Microsoft, and Pinterest, among others, have avidly adopted React Native. Before you fully adopt React Native, it is essential to understand its benefits and decide if this is what you are looking for, and if this is the best fit for your project.

Why you should consider React Native for building your mobile application

Today many companies choose to build their mobile apps in React Native because developers can write all the code in JavaScript and deploy it across both Android and iOS. This way companies do not need to pay for two separate development teams to maintain two different code bases.

Listed below are why you should choose React Native for mobile app development.

Saves Time and Money

React Native mobile applications are time and cost-efficient. This is because developers can use the same code to build mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. The ability to reuse the code maximizes efficiency, bringing super quick development results, and reducing cost. The mobile app development process speeds up because of the existing open-source libraries, including user interfaces.


Developers can incorporate their knowledge and skills into React Native due to it being an open-source JavaScript platform. Some of the largest communities, like GitHub, support React Native. Developers can get help from community experts or find information from relevant libraries which they can then use to create React Native-based mobile apps. There is always those in the community willing to help developers resolve their issues.

Flexible Framework

Mobile applications based on React Native can be tweaked and used across different platforms, making it a flexible framework. For instance, if a developer is working on a project, a different developer can start where the other left off to complete the project. Reacts’ flexible nature makes it a favorite among developers to update and upgrade applications.  

Hot and Live Reloading

React Native comes with hot reloading and live reloading features that allow developers to work more freely and efficiently. The hot reloading feature helps update and maintain files and keeps them at a certain place while the app is running. This ensures that the mobile apps can undertake multiple tasks. This allows developers to see the updates they make in real-time.

The live reloading feature is a tool used for reading and compiling the file. Live reload refreshes the entire application, while hot reloading only refreshes the edited file and maintains the original state of the app.

Third-party Plugin Support

React Native, like any other technology, continues to evolve. Some components that businesses may require may not be available. However, React Native offers two types of third-party plug-ins: native and JavaScript-based modules. For example, if you need Google Maps in your mobile app, React Native offers you the feature to link any plugin with a third-party or native module.

React Native does offer plenty of unique benefits, yet there is no universal solution. Your choice of technology depends on your business type and whether you are a flourishing business looking for challenging solutions or a start-up looking to just get your gear turning. Businesses must first determine their objectives before going ahead with React Native for mobile app development. 

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