Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? It depends on who you ask. Back in the ‘50s, AI was known as any task or activity performed by a machine or program, that if a human carried out the same, we would say that person had to apply his intelligence to complete the task. AI systems are known to display some of the human behaviors related to human intelligence including learning, problem-solving, planning, manipulation, motion, reasoning, perception and creativity.

AI is any technology that appears to think like a human. It is any technology that has been developed to mimic how we humans function. Look around and you will see the major influence AI has on our surroundings, the way we live and breathe. From Alexa to Siri to self-driving cars, the benefits of AI are infinite. Owing to its ubiquitous presence, AI influences our purchasing power to understand who and what is present in a picture to detect online fraud. Thanks to its global impact, AI has become one of the crucial pillars of almost any multinational you can name today, leading to the explosive growth of artificial intelligence companies worldwide.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be divided into two broad categories: narrow and general AI.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence is everything we see in computers today. Systems that have been taught to perform specific tasks without being programmed on how to perform the tasks. Apple’s SIRI is a fine example of narrow AI. These intelligent systems, unlike humans, can learn or be taught how to carry out certain tasks.

Whereas General AI is different is the adaptable intellect found in humans. It is more flexible in terms of learning with the ability to learn how to perform different jobs like haircutting or creating spreadsheets. You will see this kind of AI is movies like the ‘Terminator’, which in reality doesn’t exist today.

We are not there yet

Today we have hundreds of artificial intelligence companies throughout the US and thousands across the globe. Somehow these companies believe in the future of AI and what it has to offer to mankind.

But AI alone cannot be what we humans want out of it. It is backed by machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. Every part of Artificial intelligence is inspired by our minds. The neural network is the most tangible application of a human mind. Neural networks have a long way to go, which affects the other important aspects of artificial intelligence. The future of machine learning and deep learning relies on the improvement and expansion of neutral networks.

We have come a long way in artificial intelligence, but we still have a lot to do in this field until we surpass the abilities of a human mind. Humans have a lot to learn about how our brains function before we can build systems that can truly copy our brains’ almost limitless functions.

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