Cybersecurity best practices: What to do

Employees are on the frontlines of information technology. Smart companies have detailed cybersecurity policies for their employees to follow. Yet, even with such strict measures, it is important to stay alert and ensure your company’s data and network remain secure. Your organization may have the best cybersecurity practices in place, but employees play a huge part in keeping things secure.

Employees are one of the company’s most valuable assets. However, they can also be the company’s biggest security vulnerability. Companies can reduce the chance of security breaches by properly educating and raising awareness among their employees on the best cybersecurity practices. Educating yourself about the day to day things that contribute to successful cybersecurity can go a long way toward protecting your company.

Cybersecurity best practices

Do not engage unknown URLs, emails, and popups

If you do not recognize the sender or URL, do not engage. Before clicking anything that looks suspicious, verify that it is legitimate. Phishing is the most common method for acquiring credentials. These attacks are emails containing links that may appear legitimate to trick users into releasing personal or company information. As an employee, you should be cautious when it comes to emails with attachments or links from unknown senders.

The best way to avoid falling into such a trap is to avoid entering any personal information or credentials in unknown popups, links, or emails. Double-check the sender and protect your company from a phishing attack by reporting any such instances.

Use strong passwords

No matter how much it is emphasized, it is important to use strong, complex passwords for accessing your systems and devices. Simple passwords are the easiest to crack. Having vulnerable credentials will not only put your other accounts in jeopardy but could also be used against your company. Password bypassing tools are becoming even more sophisticated. Therefore, the best way to ensure security is to use professional tools such as locally encrypted password vaults, these tools can create and store complex passwords for you. This way, you can ensure you have a complex password that any unwanted intruder will have to work harder to breach your account.

Also, consider changing your passwords regularly, or setting up Multifactor Identification (MFA) whenever possible. Also, do avoid keeping the same password for multiple accounts.

Install the latest security updates

Security updates should be taken seriously and updated regularly. Internet security service providers regularly update their software, this ensures that the continuously evolving cyber threats and malware holes are being patched. If you receive instructions from your company to update software applications, it is crucial that as an employee you install the latest updates immediately. Not being on the latest update can leave your systems and company network vulnerable to cyberattack. This cybersecurity practice also applies to your personal devices.


One of the most common cybersecurity practices is regularly backing up your data at work. With the rise of ransomware, having a complete replica of your system can be a blessing. Ensure your data is thoroughly encrypted and regularly updated. Cloud backups or physical backups are some ways to ensure data is secured from cyber security threats and natural disasters.

Raise awareness and beware

Most companies regularly hold cybersecurity awareness workshops and training for their employees. This is done to alleviate as many cybersecurity breaches caused by employee negligence, or human error, as possible. As an employee, you should be aware of the aftermath of cyber threats and risks to confidential information. Attend any workshops and classes that can help you identify any suspicious webpages, popups, or phishing emails. Gaining more knowledge of cybersecurity awareness can enhance your skill and help in preventing any avoidable data breaches.

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